Chris Soal / art&culture / 5 days ago

Hasan and Husain Essop – Refuge


Being 21st century visual artists is a challenge enough on its own! But add trying to tag “ambassador for your faith” on to that ...

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Chris Soal / art&culture / 2 weeks ago

Danger Gevaar Ingozi – A safe space for printing


Signs saying 'Danger Gevaar Ingozi' may be plastered everywhere in South Africa, warning people away from potential harm, but as the name of...

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Chris Soal / art&culture / 1 month ago

Blue Lies, White Truths and Grey Areas

bathtub photo

Flashing lights and flickering TV screens. Smells of fried eggs, alcohol and fishfloated around the silver-wrapped gallery space. The exhibi...

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Chris Soal / art&culture / 2 months ago

Rodell Warner / Animating the everyday

Negatives - 2014 - Darron Clarke by Rodell Warner and Arnaldo James - DSC01459

Trinidad and Tobago-born artist Rodell Warner situates his work in the space between digital and phys...

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Chris Soal / art&culture / 2 months ago

Blurring the lines between the public and the private, the global and the local

The visible side of the King-N&B-11

  The cultural construction of the “public” and the sayable in turn creates zones of privatised, inadmissible memory and experie...

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Chris Soal / art&culture / 2 months ago

Intimate encounters and treasured tales


Walking into Gallery MOMO for the opening of their new show, Exceeding Return by artist Read More

Chris Soal / art&culture / 2 months ago

Making a name within the frame

excuse me while I disappear

I once came across a quote by Steven Fry that read, “a true thing, poorly expressed, is a lie.” These words seemed to tumble around in the b...

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