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The rise and rise of Moonchild Sanelly

My first meeting with Moonchild was in Cape Town, she performed at the legendary Cold Turkey and won me over with her energy and openness. Her performance was electrifying and I’ve watched her grow from strength to strength in every facet of her creative output. Now some four years later I sit opposite a SAMA ... read more

Ukwanda- Reinvigorating Puppetry

Puppetry is one of the oldest art forms. Although it is now often viewed as exclusively a medium for children, puppets have historically been used in everything from religious rituals to subversive political theatre. The art of puppetry is deceptively simple as it involves creating the illusion of life in inanimate objects.
The Cape Town ... read more

Sosesame Gallery; a critical cooperative injecting new life-blood into SA’s art system.

Sosesame is the new kid on the gallery block, having opened in Melville in April of this year. The fact that this buzzing cultural precinct has, until now, sorely lacked such a space for showcasing South Africa’s artistic talent, speaks to the fact that a wider variety of platforms desperately need to be encouraged in ... read more

TCIYF: Soweto thrash punk, the rare breed and the raw edge

TCIYF are a dirty-riffed, crass, thrash punk band with Pule on vocals, Thula on guitar, Tox on bass, and Jazz on drums.  Started by members of the Skate Society Soweto family, they’re leading the rule-breaking, Sowetan skate and rock revolution with their uninhibited, conformist-refusal; spitting-out in vulgar lyrics and frantic drum smashes. Fuck your civilisation, ... read more

Sewing black history back on to the streets – in conversation with Nkuli Mlangeni, founder of The Ninevites.

The Ninevites was a resistance movement who scoured the South African frontier during the late 1900s. Having started the collective under The Ninevites name in 2012, Nkuli Mlangeni would do so because of how fascinated she was in its story, which was shrouded in so much myth.
What the Kagiso native found crazy was that ... read more

The Fashion Lab Johannesburg – High Fashion, High Art

As its name suggests, the Fashion Lab is an experimental space dedicated to pushing the boundaries of clothing and style. Founded in Johannesburg in 2014, it has used the workshop format to create cutting edge clothing which meets high fashion with high art.  The workshop has an egalitarian ethos ” developed for anybody wanting to ... read more

Lenny-Dee: Brightness and Darkness

For her cover feature with BubblegumClub Lenny-Dee Doucha, the lead singer and keyboardist of Bye Beneco, wanted to mix the contemporary and the traditional.  Photographed by Charlemagne Oliver at the National School of Arts Campus in Braamfontein, the concept was to merge Art Deco and Japanese motifs.  The Art Deco style speaks to glamorous modernism ... read more

Watch Daniel Haaksman featuring Spoek Mathambo in Akabongi, an inner city intersection of art, internet and hustle

Art and technology have this shared power to transcend their original context, creating new contexts, and new worlds within which they can be used and understood. These elements meet in interesting ways in Daniel Haaksman and Spoek Mathambo’s new video. Shot in Johannesburg, it reflects the city’s hustle and innovations, its creativity and its unique ... read more

Just for the Drama: A Trip through the Nu-Flex Party Archive 2006–2008

We’ve become expert archivists of our lives after dark.  At nightclub entrances and dotted across our dancfloors are clusters of partygoers huddling to snap that essential Selfie. A big night out is an exercise in self-curation — the clothes, the music, the crew, the venue – each serving as raw materials in our imagining of ... read more

The Kalashnikovv Gallery; rise of the underdogs championing the blue-chip outsiders

The Kalashnikovv Gallery is a hyper-vigilant and rebellious art movement born out of punches in order to roll differently within the cut-throat art industry. It is an emergency siren in recognition of what the ‘art world’ often is; a blood-sucking species of butterfly. Its Directors, MJ Turpin and Matthew Dean Dowdle are artists and long-time ... read more

SECTOR – Uncharted Territory

The South African comic book industry is growing at a fast rate.  Local writers and artists like Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen and Jason Masters have all had their talent headhunted by major American publishers. These creators all appeared at the recent FanCon event in Cape Town, alongside international stars like the US writer Jason Aaron ... read more

Sol-Sol x Young and Lazy drop an exclusive, collaborative collection at Corner Store CPT tonight!

This Friday the 13th, the stars have aligned and luck is in your favour with two of South Africa’s finest streetwear brands, Sol-Sol Menswear and Young and Lazy, dropping an exclusive, collaborative capsule collection at Corner Store CPT.
Creative directors and designers Mathew Kieser and Anees Petersen have been inspiring aesthetic attitudes across the country ... read more