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Matt Kay // a spatial investigation with documentary photography


Matt Kay is a photographer who grew up in the Natal Midlands. After spending some time in Johannesburg studying at the Market Photo Workshop...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 1 day ago

Julie Nxadi // Stories as sonic and visual interruptions

Julie Nxadi

"My relationship with writing is in its infancy compared to my relationship with storytelling," explains Julie Nxadi. She has always taken t...

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Dhevan Bergmann / music / 1 day ago

Bubblegum Club mix Vol 13 by VELD


Having listened to Richard D. James Album at 16 and discovered the music making software Fruity Loops soon after this, Veld fell in love wit...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 1 day ago

Zohra Opoku // Threaded history


German/Ghanaian artist living and working in Accra, Zohra Opoku captivates viewers using multiple mediums including installation, photograph...

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An assemblage of 35mm photographs on South East Asia as seen by Duran Levinson


A number of months ago, browsing the Internet I was moved by analogue images that I found of South East Asian street culture. It was a very ...

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Chris Soal / art&culture / 5 days ago

The New Parthenon


Group exhibitions very often provide platforms for interpretation of art within a broader conversation. Whilst solo exhibitions situate an a...

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Themba Kriger / music / 5 days ago

Loui Lvndn: Chasing the Princess

Loui Lvndn Another Castle Level 3 Square

With his debut album ‘Your Princess is in another Castle’, Johannesburg based artists Loui Lvndn presents a body of work with a clear concep...

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Ashley Armitage// What it means to be a real girl

The Girls Room.1

Period stained underwear. Armpit hair fashioned with brightly coloured clips. Stretch marked buttocks and boobs with spots are just some of ...

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Themba Kriger / music / 6 days ago

Face-to-face with deKiller’Clown


Hailing from Johannesburg, rapper, producer and all-round artist deKiller’Clown’s music draws inspiration from the sounds around him and the...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 1 week ago

Looking After Freedom


Freedom. A notion that has had a complex history within South Africa's political and cultural landscape. Can it be viewed as an end point wh...

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