Jana+Koos – The Free Art Project


The collaborative studio Jana+Koos are known for a variety of projects with unpredictable art ex...

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The faceless work of Ben Zank and Surrealism in Photography


Ben Zank grew up in the Bronx, New York City. Coming from a journalism background he felt that he did ...

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Conversations and analysis with filmmaker Salomon Lighthelm

Mr mart 1.3

Salomon Lighthelm is a South African director currently residing in New York with his family. Lighth...

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427 Wieners – a film by Talya Galasko

ada - Copy

427 Wieners has been unpublished up until today. This short film by Talya Galasko...

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Marcia Elizabeth / Features / 2 weeks ago

Gabrielle Kannemeyer – inspiring innovation in art and fashion

Gabrielle Kanemeyer Bubblegum Club Cover 1l

Gabrielle Kannemeyer is a Cape Town based art director and stylist who da...

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Elizaveta Rukavishnikova – seeing the colour of sound


Elizaveta Rukavishnikova is a Russian born artist currently residing in Joh...

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Unity Skateboarding- the queer Skate Company building a league of rainbow riders


San Francisco Bay artist, Jeffrey Cheung who is also known as a master of zines, established Unity Skateboarding in February 2017. Southern ...

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Abbie Stirrup – entwining movement, performance, design and art


Abbie Stirrup probes expressive, performance wear as a fashion designer and performan...

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Lauren Opia – taking to the streets of Johannesburg one eye at a time


The streets of Newtown, Braam, Maboneng and Troyeville carry the mark of Opia and her haunting eye illustrations. ...

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Romano Pizzichini: The globetrotting director showcasing the beautiful similarities he sees in all people

Untitled 3

The UK based director known for ‘A Young Summer’s Heart' and the video for ‘Black Crow’ took over my Mac Book screen with his vivid imagery ...

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Janelka Lubbinge: constructing synergy with the female form and natural landscapes


Lubbinge’s photography is female driven and with her cunning use of nature and the female form she pulls her viewers into a carefully curate...

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Meëk: aspiring to create the future of art


Abi and Claire Meekel present under the collective Meëk. They have swiftly bec...

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