Bob Perfect / music / 2 weeks ago

palmdrive’s A A // B B // E P is the soundtrack to the dystopian retrofuture


There are a few things we know about the enigmatic palmdrive aka deadprocession aka ujochi ak...

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Bob Perfect / music / 3 weeks ago

DJ Prie Believes Anything is Possible with Gqom

dj prie

If you’re a night-owl and you listen to Ukhozi FM, there’s a good chance you’ve heard DJ Prie Nkosazana taking you through the graveyard shi...

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Bob Perfect / music / 1 month ago

Sipho The Gift is The Man with His Latest Single

Sipho the gift

While the AKAs and Cassper Nyovests of the world rack up hundreds of thousands of plays in a few days - with massive fan bases and PR teams ...

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Bob Perfect / music / 1 month ago

Swedish Rapper Lilla Namo Tells Donald Trump to Shut Up with Håll Käften


I both love and hate using cliches. Cliches are usually true and there’s a familiarity to them that resonates but they’re also lazy and unim...

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Bob Perfect / music / 1 month ago

Same Sex Saturdays are for everybody


For the last 2 years, Same Sex Saturdays has been a home for Durban’s mostly black, and mostly gay youth. I say “mostly” because the event’s...

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Bob Perfect / music / 2 months ago

No Clowning Around with Thor Rixon’s Latest Music Video

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 9.29.40 AM_2 crop

The first press release I got about Thor Rixon was about his album “Tea Time Favourites”. In it, I  was introduced to a dreadlocked white du...

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Bob Perfect / music / 3 months ago

Stiff Pap Serve up a Tasty Debut EP


Influence matters, not so much the marketing strategy, more the effect the art we like has on the art we mak...

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Bob Perfect / Features / 3 months ago

The Emotional Electronica of Rose Bonica

rose bonica bubblegum club cover

Rose Bonica is a relatively new name on the 4/4 dancefloor but one that is steadily building, beat after bea...

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Bob Perfect / music / 4 months ago

Zakifo: A Different Kind of South African Music Festival


If you’re tired of going to music festivals with 37 different versions of Shortstraw, or if you’re tired of ...

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Bob Perfect / music / 4 months ago

Otarel Seeks Balance Through Her Raps


In the current era of hip-hop, it says something about a rapper when they approach Ready D to mix and scratc...

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Bob Perfect / music / 4 months ago

Go with Flohio


UK MCs are straight up killing the game at the moment. Literally everyone has heard of Skepta and the Boys B...

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Bob Perfect / music / 5 months ago

Lady Leshurr is Coming for the Throne


You know how Kanye has said that he knew when he wrote the line "light-skinned friend look like Michael Jack...

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